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CBD Oil Tinctures

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Nature's Gold CBD's signature tincture is a natural, healthful blend of avocado oil, cinnamon oil and CBD oil. Our CBD oil is pure 99+% CBD isolate extracted from the whole plant without any THC. Our CBD oil tinctures come in three different strengths of 600 MG, 1800 MG, and 3600 MG to ensure you can get the correct dosage for any of your needs. We chose avocado and cinnamon oils rather than the traditional seed or coconut-based oils for their health benefits. Avocado contains Vitamin E and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Fragrant cinnamon helps reduce inflammation. Together, these three oils provide a healthy treatment for your ailments–available in multiple sizes for travel, occasional and daily use.

Contains cinnamon oil, avocado oil and CBD isolate

Grown in the USA

99+% pure CBD isolate

No THC–ever



I have fibromyalgia, if you're not familiar, it is an autoimmune disease that attacks your muscles, joints, etc and causes pain whenever it wants to. Every case is different, but for me, the salve that they sell is like no other. It has helped calm the excruciating pain I have been dealing with for years. I am so thankful to have found you guys!

Pam G.

Nature's Gold CBD Pet Oil has done wonders for our dog Lily. Lily has autoimmune disease which for her causes inflammation of her underlying fatty tissues and pain, we had been using opioids and steroids to keep her in check which both have terrible side effects. With Nature's Gold CBD we have been able to get her off of the opioids and adjust her other meds to remove the steroids.

MItchell B.

I was using another brand of CBD product and thought I was satisfied until I was introduced to Nature's Gold. My anxiety and insomnia are no longer a concern. I would highly recommend Nature's Gold.

Patt L.

I absolutely love these products! The best CBD products I’ve ever used, they’ve been helping tremendously with my back pain, my anxiety, and has been helping me sleep. I couldn’t be happier with them!

Devyn J.

Months before using Nature's  Gold CBD I would go to sleep and wake up with non stop excruciating migraines , my anxiety was through the roof, I would have seizures... Now using Nature's Gold CBD, I’m feeling a difference and a bit of relief.

Jamie W.

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