CBD Oil Pet Tincture

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Nature's Gold CBD is well aware that our pets can suffer from painful, uncomfortable and debilitating illnesses too. CBD oil pet tinctures are a viable treatment for our furry friends as well, so we decided to develop a recipe that would be safe for our client's pets and easy to administer. We still use our all-natural pure THC-free CBD isolate, but we cut down the concentration so your pets can get the right dose. We also substituted the plant-based oils in our original recipe with wild-caught salmon oil, a tasty treat your pet won't hesitate to take with food or even dropped in a bowl of water. Finally, a treatment that doesn't involve force-feeding your animal tablets!

CBD Oil Pet Tincture is available in 500mg and 800mg bottles

Contains pet-friendly wild-caught salmon oil

Grown in the USA

99+% pure CBD isolate

No THC–ever

Lower CBD concentration for pets


***Please keep in mind that, like people, every pet is different! These doses are a great average starting point for most pets. Some pets may need more. We always recommend starting with this dosage, seeing how it effects your furry family member, and adjusting from there. As always it's best to consult with your veterinarian before starting your pet on any new supplement or health product.***

Pet Size (LBS) 500 MG Tincture 800 MG Tincture
< 20 lb. Pet 3 drops (2.505 MG) 2 drops (2.660 MG)
20-39 lb. Pet 7 drops (5.845 MG) 4 drops (5.320 MG)
40-79 lb. Pet 10 drops (8.350 MG)
*Approx. half a dropper
6 drops (7.980 MG)
80 + lb. Pet 28 drops (23.38 MG)
*Approx. 1 1/4 dropper
18 drops (23.940 MG)
* Approx. 1 dropper